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Tap-tout and cannot afford another property by yourself? Join the REMIC ELITE  investors team!

REMIC ELITE is a down payment assistance program designed to help young families get into the real estate market early and start the wealth-building process. Our investors are here to fast-track this process so we can help more families obtain their reality. At REMIC ELITE, we take our investors seriously because of the huge financial investment being made. 


Through our equity sharing program, we will use a portion of your money to assist first-time homebuyers in purchasing their first property.​ Following that, we will share the equity within a  2-to-5-year time frame. Not only does this strategy provide new homeowners with ample time to accumulate enough equity to refinance their house and payout our investors. However, this is also an easy way for you to continue investing and expand your real estate portfolio. 

Credited investors will be allowed to invest in multiple projects, but all funds should be unencumbered.  All invested funds are being held (lien) against a specific property. Investors are NOT investing in REMIC ELITE | REMIC CORP.

REMIC ELITE | REMIC CORP. is working in the investors interest to broker / administrate the transactions. 

Minimum investment needed for these projects would 5%, 10%, or $50,000 whichever one the market is willing to accept at the time of investment.

All funds will be held in an TRUST account until its ready to fund a deal.

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