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Frank Corbin 

Founder & CEO


Carrying two decades of real estate experience, Frank Corbin has a “Savoir-Faire” concerning all things real estate. Frank Corbin is renowned as being a leading voice in the real estate domain including real estate investing, throughout Canada and the United States of America.

Having travelled across the world for business, countries that have left a big impact on him are India, China, Italy, Germany, France, Guyana, Romania, Iran, Russia, Morocco, Guinea, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, and Mali. These experiences have helped Frank to establish a fulsome understanding of the world economy, later leading to his immense financial success.

Frank educates and mentors families to the growth of success using this ancient vehicle of success called real estate. Being a champion for change, Frank is constantly evolving, and is now embarking on assisting young families purchase their first home with R.E.D.P.E.P. A down payment assistance program designed for first-time home buyers.

Danielle Corbin

Given the significant financial and emotional investment, my approach to real estate investors and first-time home buyers is to present them with as much information as possible in order to provide them with that peace of mind experience. As a result, I've assembled a team of professionals who not only bring a high level of expertise to my environment, but also years of experience!

Personally, I've begun the process of securing my own investment home. While this path appeared to be overwhelming at first. Having the Remic Elite Team on my side gave me the peace of mind I needed to make this a less stressful process.

Chief Information Officer

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Deonthe Corbin

Often, when we talk about financial independence and wealth building, we tend to assume you need to have a lot of money to start the process.  Hence, why I am so proud to be apart of  REMIC ELITE. This joint equity program was designed by a group of experts to help single moms, first-time home buyers, and investors achieve financial success!

I personally think it’s a great way to start. You can either work and save for the next 5–10 years, or you can join the ELITE team and start building wealth today. I'm honored to contribute to Remic Elite's mission of housing the next 5000-10,000 families. I can only imagine the great financial impact and wealth transformation that will be given to the next generation.


If you require any additional information, please contact me via phone or email.

Chief Operating Officer

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